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Epirus' Bow
Theseus wielding the Epirus' Bow


For long-distance combat, long-range capabilities


Ares, Hyperion, Theseus




(2011) Immortals
(2011) Immortals: Gods and Heroes

The Epirus' Bow is a powerful weapon forged from the divine Epirus' tree, with the aid of Hercules.

OverviewEpirus Bow was forged from the divine wood of the Epirus tree, therefore the bow itself is magical/divine in nature. It generates its own set of arrows, with no need for physical ones. When the bowstring is pulled by the user, the bow creates light-based arrows which when shot, hit their target with great concussive force. The arrows themselves are not subject to any laws of physics, as when Theseus fired 4 of them when rescuing Phaedra and Stavros, he did not raise the bow for the arrows to fall into their targets because of the gravity, instead he aimed straight as if the targets were just a few meters away. Ordinary arrows released from a real bow would have fallen before getting to their destination.Edit


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