Epirus' Bow
Theseus wielding the Epirus' Bow


For long-distance combat, long-range capabilities


Ares, Hyperion, Theseus




(2011) Immortals
(2011) Immortals: Gods and Heroes

The Epirus' Bow is a powerful weapon forged from wood of the divine Epirus' tree, with the aid of Hercules, therefore the bow itself is magical and divine in nature.

There is no need for physical arrows with the Epirus bow, for when the bowstring is pulled, a light-based arrow will be created and when fired will hit its mark with great concussive force. The arrows themselves are not subject to any laws of physics, as shown when Theseus fired four arrows when rescuing Phaedra and Stavros, he did not have to angle his bow upwards to account for the gravity of a long-distance arrow-flight.

The bow was encased in stone by the god Zeus two times to prevent others from wielding it.

The bow is a main story prop, with the antagonist Hyperion desperately seeking it as well as Theseus. While the gods, especially Athena dreading what will happen if the bow falls in Hyperion's hands.


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